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Golf Team In National Championship Tournaments

USCAA National Tournament Results

2002-03 Painesville, Oh. 336-340-338-333-1347 3rd
2004-05 Broken Arrow, Ok. 332-332-345-328-1337 2nd
2005-06 Williamsburg, Va. 315-328-320-963 1st
2006-07 Williamsburg, Va. 324-328-332-984 1st
2008-09 State College, Pa. 328-317-645 3rd
2009-10 State College, Pa. 317-336-653 5th
2010-11 State College, Pa. 312-327-639 3rd
2011-12 State College, Pa. 316-316-632 3rd
2012-13 State College, Pa. 329-307-636 4th
2013-14 State College, Pa. 326-317-643 6th
2014-15 State College, Pa. 338-317-655 9th
2015-16 State College, Pa. 342-326-668 6th
2016-17 State College, Pa.   6th
2017-18 State College, Pa.    5th
2018-19 State College, Pa.  299-305-604 6th

USCAA All-Americans

2005-07 were National Invitational Tournaments with no All-American awards

2002-03 Eric Sniady 8th place 2nd Team
2004-05 BJ Maben 2nd place 1st Team
2010-11 Ben Hunter 1st place 1st Team
2011-12 Ben Hunter 3rd place 1st Team
  Kyle Mutter T5th place 1st Team
2012-13 Ben Hunter 2nd place 1st Team
  Kyle Mutter 4th place 1st Team
2013-14 Ben Hunter 1st place 1st Team
  Kyle Mutter T10th place 2nd Team
2016-17 Perry Barber T 13th place 2nd Team
2017-18 Austin Saylor   1st Team
2018-19 Austin Saylor T 9th place 2nd Team