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Builders Finish 2-1 At Washington & Lee Duals

Builders Finish 2-1 At Washington & Lee Duals

EVENT: Washington & Lee Duals

LOCATION: Lexington, VA

The Builder Wrestling Squad traveled to Lexington, VA Monday to compete in the Washington & Lee duals.  At the all NCAA DIII event, the Builders would pick up two more dual wins over Southern Virginia (33-12) and McDaniel (28-21), and drop a disappointing loss to Greensboro College (24-21).

In the first dual against Southern Virginia, Apprentice would win the first six bouts straight to go up 27-0 early.  After receiving forfeits at 125 and 133, Junior Shalek Colon would record a 16-3 major decision followed by a decision from Freshman William Heath.  Sophomore Tyler Allen would hold on for a 6-5 decision at 157, followed by a first period pin from senior Gil Owens at 165 lbs.  Wes Sorey would find the final win for Apprentice in the dual with a 18-2 tech fall.

Even with the strength of 12 points Apprentice scored from a pair of injury defaults, Apprentice couldn't manage to pull out the win over Greensboro.  Senior Colton Messick and Colon would score six apiece for the defaults, as well as six points for a pin from Sorey at 184.  Trailing by six team points before the final bout, Ross Graham would find a big throw early with double overhooks, but couldn't find the pin and only managed a 6-1 decision at heavyweight.

In the final dual of the day, Apprentice would go on to upset a tough opponent in McDaniel College of Maryland.  At 125 lbs, #1 ranked NCWA Colton Messick would be caught in pin while leading the opening bout, but sophomore Kolin Johnson would fire back with an upset of his own catching 7th ranked NCAA DIII Ryker Eckenbarger for a fall of his own.  After a major decision at 149 from senior Ty Boyd, Tristan Mabe made his triumphant return at 157 lbs after a nearly two-year layoff from injuries.  Mabe dominated the bout start to finish, finding a pin just after the six minute mark.  Owens would strike again with his second first period fall on the day, finding a 37 second pin, countering a low attack with a powerful quarter-nelson.  A 7-3 decision at 174 lbs from Jeremy Mosely would put the Builders up 25-9.  At heavyweight, McDaniel would need a tech-fall or a pin to stop Apprentice, but freshman Peter Cortapasso would stop those plans with a dominant 6-4 decision without giving up a single offensive point.


125 – Colton Messick (APP) won by forfeit
133 – Kolin Johnson (APP) won by forfeit
141 – Shalek Colon (APP) d. Aaron Freidhof (SVU); 16-3
149 – William Heath (APP) d. Ethan Workman (SVU); 7-3
157 – Tyler Allen (APP) d. Christopher Fletcher (SVU); 6-5
165 – Gilbert Owens (APP) d. Kyle York (SVU); Fall 1:14
174 – Matthew Rohrdanz (SVU) d. Jeremy Moseley (APP); 6-2
184 – William Sorey (APP) d. Kage Tomlin (SVU); TF, 18-2 (6:15)
197 – Matt Speelman (SVU) won by forfeit
285 – Alex Brunner (SVU) d. Steven Francisco (APP); 5-3

125 – Nicholas Malinowski (McD) d. Colton Messick (APP); Fall 3:49
133 – Kolin Johnson (APP) d. Ryker Eckenbarger (McD); Fall 2:25
141 – Isaiah Edmond (McD) d. Shalek Colon (APP); 5-2
149 – Ty Boyd (APP) d. Skylar Minutelli (McD); 11-3
157 – Tristan Mabe (APP) d. Wade Bishop (McD); Fall 6:08
165 – Gilbert Owens (APP) d. Garrett Vandervalk (McD); Fall 0:37
174 – Jeremy Moseley (APP) d. Cole Nagle (McDaniel); 7-3
184 – Ronald Wuest (McD) d. William Sorey (APP); Fall 6:22
197 – Jamie Rodriguez (McD) won by forfeit
285 – Peter Cortapasso (APP) d. Chris Hauffman (McD); 6-4

125 – Colton Messick (APP) d. Joey Ferigne (GC); Inj Def. 5:00
133 – Tony Locke (GC) d. Kolin Johnson (APP); 8-3
141 – Shalek Colon (APP) d. James Banks (GC); Inj. Def. 1:35
149 – Hai Siu (GC) d. William Heath (APP); 10-4
157 – Michael Jones (GC) d. Tyler Allen (APP); TF, 21-6 (7:00)
165 – Quaevon Cannon (GC) d. Gilbert Owens (APP); 7-2
174 – Tyron Dudley (GC) d. Jeremy Moseley (APP); 13-3
184 – William Sorey (APP) d. Anthony Clavijo (GC); Fall 2:33
197 – Luis Oropesa (GC) won by forfeit
285 – Ross Graham (APP) d. Brandon Williams (GC); 6-1